We escaped the hustle and bustle of city life in Athens to live the dream we’d had for so long – to get back to nature. Returning to our roots we found olive groves, vineyards and fields which had lain fallow for decades. With such riches at our disposal we set about making olive oil, wine and garden produce, using cultivation methods which respect both man and the environment. Our goal was the creation of products with character, products with an unforgettable story to tell – and using exclusively organic preparations in order to prevent crop diseases. We achieved our goal. Our fields with their fertile soil seemed to have been waiting for someone to lavish care and affection on them so they could yield their very best produce. So began our love affair with the earth; a relationship which is based on mutual respect and appreciation. The dream became reality. As we were doing this and applying our ‘obsession’ for producing the best, we came to realize that we were “far out” compared to what was happening around us, and thus FarMout came into being. Believing that our products deserve the very best, we set up the production of olive oil and packaging of garden produce. 
All this so we can eat well and you can eat even better...

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